What is wrong with my dog?

Some of you may be thinking that there is something wrong with your dog, but I want to assure you that there is nothing wrong with your dog most of the time. You are only playing the blame game but only 5% of the blame can fall on your dog and the rest is on you.

Why do I blame it on you? Simple. Because your dog is the result of your actions. I also blame myself for everything that my dog does and causes.

It’s us, the humans who make the choice to get or adopt a dog. A dog has no choice in making the decision to live with us or be with us. We are the one who ultimately selects the dog. So, once we make that choice of bringing the dog to our homes and consider them our family members, all the responsibility and the forthcoming blame fall on us.

The first mistake most dog owners make is they don’t choose the right dog or the right breed. Dog breeds or dogs at the shelter come with packages. Most people are not able to handle those packages. Most decisions are made visually or emotionally which hide most of the packages that a dog carries.

Once the dog is selected by looks or the way it feels and the human is fallen with the idea of having a dog, it is often too late. The human is committed to living with the dog but then some strange and unwanted behaviours start to be revealed by the dog. This is when the dog owner searches for solutions and often searches for quick solutions.

Free information luckily is widely available these days thanks to the internet. There are pros and cons to having this information. The pro is that you can get quick solutions to everyday issues such as if you need to learn how to tie a tie quickly you can find the answer right away. The cons are that for deeper and complete solutions, information is limited. So, for instance, if you want to learn how to stop your dog’s reactivity, the answer or the solution is not as simple as tying a tie.

Most dog owners forget that their dogs have the same and even more emotional make-up as humans do. Sometimes, even more, because dogs have more sensitive nerves than humans do when it comes to all senses which include scent, sight, sound, taste, and touch. Not only that they are more sensitive, but they are more absorbent too. That is just the way dogs are built.

By realizing this, you need to acknowledge that deep-rooted issues such as aggression, reactivity, barking, and biting…can not be solved with a simple free video online. No matter how many of those videos you watch, and what you learn from those videos. You won’t be able to fix these issues by just watching.

The reason for that is that all the unwanted behaviours of your dog are the results of emotional and mental matters that your dog has been dealing with internally. They cause your dog to develop stress and anxiety that has been building up for some time and now, they are visible to you, and you can see them, and they are bothering you.

The internal part of your dog is not visible just like your emotional state of mind. Most people don’t show anger or happiness without others seeing them through their gestures or body language. It is only when they physically show with their body language or gestures to others how they feel.

I am sure your dog has been displaying a lot of visual signals for a while but you have not seen them or not noticed them and now your dog has chosen to display them visually so you can see and feel clearly how it feels inside. When a dog externalizes and shows how it feels, it is basically a cry for help.

Just imagine if there are some emotional, psychological, or even physical issues with anyone you know, would you be looking for answers online and just depend on those?

I am sure you won’t but since you won’t do that for your loved ones or friends, why would you do it to your dog?

Internal issues of your dog are something that needs to be worked on your dog with a professional and for a long time, taking the right steps by doing certain things and preventing doing certain things.

If you approach your dog’s behavioural issues any other way, you won’t succeed in dealing with the root cause of the issue, but you will deal with them with band-aid solutions.

For the real deal, and for the real solution, for a better and faster solution and with a fun and simple approach contact me and I will be happy to help you.

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