Saro Dog Training Testimonials

My dog just turns away her head, ears pinned back if I try to give her a treat as a reward. She doesn't want them, I've tried so many different types from premium brands to raw meat but she's not interested. I used to think she's too aloof and stubborn to be trained, she almost never listened and just did her own thing. You helped me to understand her and adapt my training and rewarding methods and we both (and our relationship) have changed for the better. Now she's actively seeking me out instead of running away and we both listen to each other. She still has her quirks but instead of getting frustrated and angry I just laugh and I feel she's laughing with me and now I can honestly say I love her for being her. She's the bestest girl and I could not hope for a better friend and a companion.
When I adopted Oreo, Beagle/Basset cross 2 years ago, he did not know how to walk on a leash, he was very reactive to everything, and he could not be left off leash as his hound dog nose would take him off sniffing. I followed Saro and took his program and learned a lot. I now know a happy dog is one that you let sniff when out on a walk and how important it is to exercise them. He is so very proud when I call him and he returns and gets praise when in the bush. He is not 100% on recall but 75% better. He now passes people when walking and does not lunge and bark like he did. We haven’t won with pedal bikes though but doing better.
Christine Lanthier
We got a dog for my daughter's birthday and she ended up picking a beagle puppy. It was super exciting at first but then we quickly realized that it was similar to having a baby in the house. We had to doggy-proof every room and wake up to let her out to do her potty business in the middle of the night. We quickly became tired and frustrated when we realized there was a lot of training to do. We came across Saro from his helpful youtube videos and decided to hire him as a coach. He is very compassionate and understanding and also encouraging.  Even though at first we had a lot of success training her with food, she didn't listen to any commands if we didn't have the food. Saro's no food and treat system and reward with play and praise were great. It did take time for our puppy to adjust, but now she comes, sits, and stays without any food or treats. There were also a lot of little questions that came up along the way that we were able to have Saro help us with. Questions about sleep, eating, walks, how much chewing is too much, and gear.  In general, I also like that his approach is holistic and natural.  Now we have a lovely 1-year-old beagle who is much calmer on walks and easier to manage. We feel much more relaxed and loving with our dog. 
N. E. A. & C
Two weeks of training my adopted beagle on leash according to Saro's guidelines and he has improved 50-75%. Thank you.
Saro, I have developed a better relationship with my beagle using Saro training techniques.
An excellent dog training course that explains human and dog psychology. Saro’s techniques explain dog training in easy steps.
Hella Simonsen
Can’t wait for this winter to walk on the trails. Oreo (basset/beagles mix) had to be leashed but I am hoping he will be Ok to be off leash this year. He was adopted 2 years ago and now is very good at staying with me. Thanks to Saro and his training methods.
Christine Lanthier
Saro, you are awesome. The way you deliver information makes it so easy to process and understand. Thank you.
The BEST! Training is what WORKS! and I have found that play and praise is the only type of training that works for me and my 2 dogs.
Nancy Ritland
Play and Praise works. My dog was trained on treats. Now saying "good boy " is magical, and he doesn't look for treats as much.
Cynthia Ingram
I loved the puppy training 101 course. My dog has become a joy to be with. Maybe me too. We both have to learn and grow, right? Godspeed.
Jeff Touchinski
“The course was great, I have a friend who spent a lot of money on a course and they did not address all the issues such as feeding”. “There are no treats involved in the training at all”. “He never howls or barks, it is going really well on our daily walks”. “When I meet dogs or strangers he simply sits and waits for them to come”. “I bring him everywhere, in the car, to my friends at school when I pick up my son”. “The vet is amazed how well behaved he is.”
 Maude & Yugi