Reactive Dog Training Without Food or Force

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Expert Guidance To Overcome Reactivity, Aggression, And Anxiety – Online Coaching & Dog Training Without The Use of Treats!

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Reactive dog training without treats

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Having peace of mind and fun with your dog.

A dog that obeys and listens to you all the time.

A dog that has a solid bond with you.

1-Hour Virtual Video Consultations

One-on-one private virtual training and consultation session led by Saro, an expert dog trainer.

Why Dog Owners Love My Program

I truly enjoyed listening to Saro, learning about the five essential needs for dogs, and following his instructions. He provided us with the right amount of learning, tools, and exercises which we still use today.
Josh and I were both feeling confused which led to Josh having challenges. It was no longer confusing for Josh and me as we continued through the program with Saro.
No treats, no force, with simply offering praise as a reward. Qantas was receptive to this form of teaching and responded well. Levi is extremely food-driven but he’s quick to respond to commands without offering treats as rewards.

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Most frequent questions and answers

My training system, while it’s designed to be incredibly straightforward, we recommend that adults initiate the training process. Once you’ve mastered the techniques, involving your kids can create a unified approach, ensuring consistent and effective results for everyone.

Using treats or food can lead to health problems and create dependency for routine tasks. Moreover, it distracts your dog from focusing on you hindering effective training. Opt for healthier, more natural methods to foster a strong bond and seamless communication with your furry companion Watch this video for more info.

Embrace Tool-Free Training: Break free from reliance on tools! Your dog’s best reward lies in your verbal and physical praise, or engaging them with a beloved toy during playtime. These simple gestures create a strong bond and effective training without the need for any gadgets.

Dispelling a Common Myth: The belief that dogs are solely food-motivated is inaccurate. Many dog owners resort to food because they lack alternatives. With my straightforward training approach and understanding my philosophy, your dog will naturally respond to your commands, eliminating the need for food dependency. Empower your bond and communication without relying on treats.

Realistically, from the day that you start to train your dog using my method, expect about three to six months to see results.

I am a certified expert family pet dog trainer and I received my dog trainer certification from “The College of Canine Behavioural Science”. 

Embracing the Shift to Virtual Learning: In today’s evolving landscape, online education has emerged as the optimal way to gain knowledge, especially in the realm of dog training. Learning from the familiar environment of your home fosters a sense of comfort and receptiveness, unlike traditional settings such as classrooms or in-home trainer visits, which can overwhelm or excite your dog. Virtual training ensures you can master techniques at your own pace, right from the comfort of your home, providing an ideal learning atmosphere for both you and your furry companion.

Even with expert guidance, reactive dogs struggle to focus on learning. Their minds are often in flight mode or fixated on specific subjects, hindering training efforts. Unfortunately, this can exacerbate behavioural issues rather than improve them.

Certainly, personalized training with a professional is invaluable. However, it’s essential to establish basic control over your dog before seeking specialized guidance. I explain more in this video. 

This is how I am able to help you.

A personal note from Saro

 20+ Years of Expertise in Resolving Behavioural Issues Such As Reactivity And Aggression Without Treats or Food Rewards from Puppy Training to Tackling Aggression.

For over two decades I’ve dedicated my career to understanding and addressing various dog behavioural issues. My approach stands apart: no treats or food rewards; just the power of play and praise.

I’ve guided countless dog owners through the toughest challenges, including V.K., who felt her dog was aloof and untrainable. By adjusting our training and reward techniques, V.K.’s relationship with her dog transformed. Now, their connection is stronger, communication is clearer, and their bond is deeper. Her dog seeks interaction and listens attentively, and their relationship is filled with mutual understanding and love.

Join me in unlocking your dog’s potential and fostering a harmonious bond that goes beyond mere training – it’s about building an unbreakable companionship.



Our dog training program offers personalized support through weekly 1:1 coaching video calls with expert trainer, Saro himself. And best of all, these video calls are included in your lifetime access to our program.


We offer a comprehensive video learning library to supplement our one-on-one coaching and weekly video calls. Learn at your own pace and on your own schedule, revisit the lessons anytime, and continue your education for as long as you need with lifetime access included in your program.


When you join our dog training program, you're not just investing in short-term solutions, but in a lifetime of support and guidance for your dog's entire life. Our lifetime access guarantees that you'll never have to face it alone.


Learn how to use techniques like praise, and play to train your dog and encourage good behaviour. Our treat-free approach is effective for teaching basic obedience, solving behavioural problems, and improving your dog's overall well-being with long-lasting results.

It has worked for hunderds of dog owners and dogs.

You can enjoy your life with your dog. I have the solutions and I am ready to share them with you.