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You will get 99% reliability from your dog when you don't use treats.


Not only you will have an obedient dog but also a healthy dog.


You won't need to depend on anything other than your time.

Long Lasting

You will get results which will last the lifetime of your dog.

My Services

I offer verity of services. Please make your selection.

Online Courses

Learn basic obedience, puppy training solutions, improve the leash walking, understand and provide the best for your dog using one of my online courses.

Virtual Training

Ask your questions or solve all of your dog-related issue, by working one on one with me from anywhere in the world using online video communication like Zoom or Messenger.

Private Training

Work with me locally one on one to get the best results. I can work with you regarding basic or any level of training or behavioural modifications.

YouTube Channel

Watch my videos and learn most basic information which you will need to get started with training your puppy or dog.


Can my kids train my dog ?

Although my training system is so simple that even kids can use, we suggest you to let adults to start the training and then transfer them to the kids so you can develop consistent results.

Why not to use treats to train my dog ?

Beside that it makes you to depend them, treats or food cause development of heath issues in you dog and makes your dog and you to depend on them. It also distracts your dog from focusing on the real thing which is YOU!

Are you a certified dog trainer ?

I am a certified expert family pet dog trainer and I received my dog trainer certification from “The College of Canine Behavioural Science”. I am also a member of the “Canadian Association of Professional Pet Dog Trainers”.

What tools do i need to use to train my dog ?

You don’t need to use tools or depend on tools either. You can be the best reward for your dog so you can praise your dog verbally and physically plus you can play with your dog using your dog’s favorite toy. 

How long does it take to train my dog ?

Realistically, from the day that you start to train your dog, expect about three to six months to see results.

How can I get my dog to listen to me ?

By using my simple training method and understanding my philosophy, your dog will have no choice but to listen to you.

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