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I specialize in transforming misbehaving dogs into well-behaved companions. Let's create a customized training plan that fits your schedule and lifestyle.

Reactive dog training without treats

Say Goodbye to Frustration and Hello to Harmony

Are you tired of dealing with your dog’s unruly behaviour, excessive barking, and leash pulling? Does aggression and disobedience make every interaction with your furry friend stressful?

You’re not alone. Many dog owners feel overwhelmed and frustrated by these common challenges, leading to strained relationships and decreased enjoyment of dog ownership.

But there’s a solution. With our proven training methods and expert guidance, you can transform your dog’s behaviour and build a stronger bond than ever before. Say goodbye to frustration and hello to a harmonious life with your well-behaved dog companion.


Enhanced Communication

Master the art of communication with your dog and deepen your bond. You and your dog will be unstoppable.

Lasting Solutions

Ditch the doggy drama! My training unlocks lasting solutions, making you and your pup a happier team.

Peace of Mind

Unleash Zen with your pup! My training helps you ditch the chaos and build a happy, relaxed life together.

Learn Why Dog Owners Love My Programs

I truly enjoyed listening to Saro, learning about the five essential needs for dogs, and following his instructions. He provided us with the right amount of learning, tools, and exercises which we still use today.
Josh and I were both feeling confused which led to Josh having challenges. It was no longer confusing for Josh and me as we continued through the program with Saro.
No treats, no force, with simply offering praise as a reward. Qantas was receptive to this form of teaching and responded well. Levi is extremely food-driven but he’s quick to respond to commands without offering treats as rewards.

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Most frequent questions and answers

Treats or food can cause development of heath issues in your dog and makes your dog and you depend on them for simple tasks in the future. It also distracts your dog from focusing on YOU! To learn more watch this video.

You don’t need to use tools or even depend on tools. You can offer the best reward for your dog by praising him/her verbally and physically or you can play with your dog using a favourite toy. 

By using my simple training method and understanding my philosophy, your dog would love to listen to you without being dependent on food, force or domination. 

Realistically, from the day that you start to train your dog using my method, expect about three to six months to see results.

I am a certified expert family pet dog trainer and I received my dog trainer certification from “The College of Canine Behavioural Science”. 

For sure. With all the recent situations in the world, we have discovered that online and virtual learning has become the best form of getting information. Especially when it comes to dogs and dog training. Your dog and you will feel more comfortable and willing to observe information in your own home setting rather than in a strange environment such as dog training classrooms, dog trainer’s home or dog trainer in your home. Your dog may feel overwhelmed or excited which are not the ideal situations to learn or train.

As a result, virtual training offers you all the information that you need in the comfort of your home so that you can master the techniques.

Reactive dogs cannot focus on learning even with the best trainer. The mind is in flight mode or on the subject, not training. This can worsen behaviour.

Yes, if you want to specialize in a certain form of dog training such as agility, flyball or protection. These types of training would need you to be present and work one on one with a qualified dog trainer.  


2 Simple Changes… is an ebook offering actionable steps for immediate improvement in your dog’s behaviour.

This concise guide outlines two simple yet impactful changes that dog owners can implement today to witness positive changes in their dog’s behaviour tomorrow.

With clear, easy-to-follow instructions, this ebook provides a step-by-step approach, to making behavioural improvements accessible and achievable for all dog owners.