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Saro’s journey began with his mischievous Beagle puppy, Jonah, leading him to search for a unique approach to dog training, away from traditional treat-based methods. After extensive learning and experimentation, he became a certified dog trainer at The College of Canine Behavioural Science, solidifying his expertise.

Saro not only transformed his methods but also became a prolific author, writing and publishing “A Dog’s Five Essential Needs” and several other best-selling books on dog training and behaviour. His insights resonated with dog owners worldwide, providing them with practical guidance and heartfelt stories.

Some of many students of Saro Dog Training

Driven by this transformation, Saro established a dog daycare and training center, called “Jonah’s Ark Doggie Centre” later expanding his reach through his online program, “Perfect Dog Plan.” His impact grew and now he is empowering dog owners worldwide to build trust-based bonds with their dogs.

Saro’s expertise expanded beyond training techniques. He delves into dog and human psychology, helping owners understand behaviour root causes. His success stories spread, making him a sought-after figure in the dog training community.

Never one to stop learning, Saro has collaborated with experts, hosted workshops, and remains committed to evolving his coaching, ensuring every dog has a chance at a fulfilling life with their human companions.

His story inspires dog lovers, highlighting the power of compassion and genuine connection in dog training.

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