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I am having a tough time with my dog.

This is one of the common sentences that I hear from dog owners. They may say that because of certain things that their dogs do or the way their dogs behave.

As a dog owner myself, I can surely relate to this. I go through the same phases and issues that all dog owners go. The difference is that I know how to solve those issues confidently.

I remember, back in 2001 when I had my new puppy, Jonah, I was so frustrated with my puppy because it kept whining and crying all day and it was heartbreaking and frustrating at the same time. Just because I did not know what to do. I did not even know what I was doing if it was correct or not. Everything that I was doing was based on tips that I had heard from another dog owner or something that I had read in a book.

Looking back, I made so many mistakes with my puppy yet my beagle puppy, Jonah, turned out to be the ideal dog. That was because I really needed to know what to do and how to raise my puppy properly and I started taking the right steps and raising my puppy the correct way.

I invested in reading more books, and articles, learning from other (good or bad) dog trainers, and finally deciding to change the course of my life to become a certified professional dog trainer. I ended up quitting my nine-to-five jobs, then I purchased a dog daycare business and attended a year of school to study and learn all about dogs. I was all in. I did all these because I wanted to improve my puppy’s life and here, I am today drafting this article.

Now, I am not saying you should go to this extreme to solve your dog-related issues. But I would suggest doing something about it. There is no point to do nothing about it now and regret about them in near future.

You could be enjoying your dog fully today and when I say fully, I mean starting today at whatever age or at any situation your dog is now until the end of your dog’s life. You can get the best of your dog and have the best dog in the world for you just like me.

You may be an experienced dog owner, or you may be a new dog owner. You may wonder, I know what I need to do. I do not need any help, or you may be thinking, I do not really know what I need to do. My dog will grow out of it.

Wherever you are, you could do better. You could improve. What you know today may not be enough or be the solutions that you really need for the future. The things that we know about dogs have changed tremendously, so it is your responsibility to update your information.

The first thing that you need to do is to admit that you are not sure what you are supposed to do. You have a problem, and you are guessing and hoping that things that you know are going to help you. You need to admit that you are tired of throwing spaghetti at the wall. This is the hardest part of solving the dog-related issues that you have.

I want to assure you that there is nothing wrong with your dog. There is something wrong with the approach to your dog-related issues. I am here to help you and be your support. All you must do is ask.

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