Overfishing of our oceans is a serious problem and we need to be responsible for reducing fish consumption. Mercury accumulation and radioactive pollution in fish is also serious problem.

How is Calamari [squid] different?

Research has shown that the squid population has been on the rise since the 1950’ s which may be a result of climate change and a decrease in the numbers of squid-eating fish.

The great news is that squid is an incredibly rich source of EPA and DHA – the most valuable EFAs [Omega-3]. Calamari also lacks bones and it is low on the food chain, which makes it non-toxic and safe.

Safety & Testing

There are several steps that we take to make sure that FeelGood Omega is safe and toxin-free.

  • Micro-filtered to ensure no heavy metals or toxins.
  • Tested for EPA and DHA content to ensure top quality.
  • Lab tested for toxins and heavy metals.
  • We perform additional batch testing to confirm the results.