RUFFWEAR, Top Rope Reflective Dog Collar with Metal Buckle for Everyday Use



About this item

  • Everyday collar: The Top Rope Collar is a durable, reliable collar with metal hardware and reflective details; It’s ideal for everyday walks and play day or night
  • Reflective webbing: The Tubelok webbing features integrated reflectivity for visibility in low-light conditions; It’s long-wearing and colorfast, meaning the colors and patterns will stay bright
  • All-metal buckle: Our all-metal Talon Buckle is strong, reliable, and easy to use; It acts as a ballast to keep the leash attachment point at the top of your dog’s neck for quick and easy clip-in
  • Secure attachment: A durable aluminum V-ring provides a secure leash attachment point; The separate ID attachment point ensures the leash is always clipped at the right point
  • Quiet tags: The Quick Ring makes it easy to add and remove tags and keep your dog’s information up to date; The silicone tag silencer sits between tags and reduces noise
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