In this bundle course, you will learn all the basics of raising a puppy, the philosophy and the methodology of puppy & dog Training using play and praise instead of using treats or force plus you will get to learn to teach your dog all basic obedience commands using a unique method and functional dog training using play & praise as a reward system.

This course starts from the day that you plan to bring your new puppy home and continues until your dog becomes an adult well-behaved dog. In this unique course, you will learn the method of dog training using “play & praise” as a reward system instead of using treats or force to train your dog which will help you to get great results right away after training your dog and accomplishing them. Especially, if you have a dog that is not food motivated.

Many dog owners and dog trainers use treats, aversive tools, force, or domination to train dogs, but we know now that these are not the best options to use to train dogs as they have negative physical and mental effects.

Training dogs using treats causes the development of health issues, dependency on treats, and also a lack of long-term results.

Science has discovered that we can train dogs and get the same or even better results by just using “play or praise” as a reward for dogs.

This course is a complete course for learning basic obedience, leash walking solutions, behavioural modification, and general dog training systems without the use of treats or food so you can learn how to train your dog even if your dog is not food motivated. It has it all.


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