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    Online Course

    Intro To Dog Training without the use of treats

    In this mini-course, every day, I will challenge you to a new activity with your dog. You can do these challenges in 15 minutes or more if you’d like to interact with your dog more. This course is designed to show you just how simple dog training is. At the end of these challenges, you will have a good idea …

  • Online Course

    A Dog’s Five Essential Needs Online Course

    In this course, which is based on my best selling book, A Dog’s Five Essential needs, I will teach you what your dog’s needs are and how they can improve and impact not only your dog’s life but your life as well.

    In this course, you will have a clear understanding of your dog and how important it is for you …

  • Online Course

    Leash Walking Online Course

    In this course, you will learn the concept of walking your dog, how to walk your dog and you will learn why you need to change the way you think about walking your dog today.

    You will also learn how to improve your dog’s walk and stop your dog from pulling you.

  • Online Course

    Naked Dog Training Without Treats Online Course

    In this course, you will learn philosophy and the methodology of dog training WITHOUT the use of treats plus you will teach your dog basic obedience using this unique method. In this unique course, you will learn the method of dog training using “play & praise” reward system which will help you to get great results right away after training …