One Simple Question

Most dog owners have many questions about dogs, particularly questions about their dog’s behaviour. These questions can be as simple as why my dog does this and that to complex questions such as how to get my dog to be less aggressive.

No matter what the questions are and even though they are about our dogs, they are for us. We are thinking about our own well-being rather than the dog’s well-being when asking questions. The questions are to help us live a better life with the dog or to stop the dog from doing the thing, so it won’t be bothering us. Realistically, it is not about helping the dog to live a better life but the questions are to help us to get rid of that unwanted behaviour so we can live a better life.

The reason we do it is that most humans are narcissists. We want things to go our way. I feel that we need to look outside of ourselves when it comes to having dogs in our lives.

We take and take more without much giving back or trying to improve the world. We forget that we are a small part of this vast world and in small ways, we impact the world in major facets.

If dogs are having behavioural issues is because we humans are having negative effects on our dogs by our actions or lack of actions. The same way that we impact our world. We cause issues in our world in small ways and wonder what is wrong with the world as a whole. Never blaming us for the issues that we have caused on earth. Humans have impacted the earth in major ways both natural and human physiology.

Dogs are a part of our lives as we bring part of nature and part of this world to our homes and neglect to take care of them. We do not invest enough in taking care of them as we should. We don’t get what we want, and we don’t benefit from them either. We blame them for not providing what we need. I am not talking about caring as feeding or providing the best bed for them but providing what a dog needs. Remember, your dog is part of nature that you have forgotten. You need to be providing what nature needs and be one with it rather than thinking that nature is something that happens outside of our doors only whenever we want it or only on the weekends.

If we want to improve our world, our lives on this planet, and improve our dog’s beahviours, we need to start within. Start taking care of our dogs the way we should then repeat the same kind of care for our planet and the world.

If you want to have a well-behaved dog, if you want your dog to listen to you, obey you and be the perfect dog, try changing yourself and your dog will change. Take actions that better your home, your community and then the world. Once you start focusing on little things that make a big difference, you will see that your dog is going to change as well, and you will have the best dog in the world.

Answer one simple question. Please watch the following video to learn the question.

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