the ideal diet for dogs

What is the ideal diet for dogs?

The question that some dog owners ask and care but many dog owners don’t ask and should ask. What is the ideal diet for dogs? What is the best form of food that my dog should eat?

Your dog’s diet should be important because your dog relies on you for everything in his life including his diet. He depends on you to provide a diet that he deserves. No one can make that choice and provide for your dog other than you. You have made a choice of bringing him to your life, not him. He has no choice but to comply with your decisions. Your dog needs to eat food that nature had it planned for him. He depends on natural food to survive and live a better life.

This subject should matter to you because by learning this part of your dog’s life not only you will understand about diet in general but it will make you a better and healthier human being that can make a big difference in yours, your family, and your dog’s life. By educating yourself about the general diet you are able to make healthier choices in life.

You need to understand and accept this simple fact that your dog is an animal and a carnivore. Animal’s diet is somewhat different than a human diet. They cannot be fed human food or even processed food. It simply does not sit well with your dog’s digestive system.

By making some changes in understanding what you need to feed your dog and the way you provide that food to your dog, you will not only keep him healthier and happier, you can make him balanced mentally and physically when it comes to his life.

If you are worried about the cost, you need not worry. Mainly because not only you will not get your dog sick anymore where you will save money on vet visits but your dog will not have to go through feeling ill and stress again, which you cannot put a price on that.

The new diet is not complicated as long as it makes sense to you and as I have said before, yes, the new form of your dog’s diet is more time consuming than just opening a bag of kibble, but your dog is for sure worth that extra time it takes to keep him healthy and happy.

Most dry commercial pet foods are at least 50% grain because the carbohydrates are needed to hold the food together. A dog does not need, and certainly cannot properly digest the number of unnatural carbohydrates found in such feed. This goes a long way to explaining why dogs on a commercial diet have much bigger stools than those fed on a raw diet. It’s the first thing people notice when they move to raw; smaller, less smelly stools due to the high digestibility of the natural food. It can take 18 hours for a dog fed on a kibble-based diet to digest this food, whereas, on a natural raw food diet such as Wolf Tucker, the food is digested in around 6 hours.

An argument against the raw dog food diet is that feeding a dog raw meat can lead to bacterial infections. Bacteria are still present on the meat, and just as worrying it could be passed on to humans through poor meat preparation, or via the feces of the dog. Some people are concerned that a dog’s saliva could pass on these bacteria. We, therefore, cook meat because we think it renders it safe for our dogs.

Raw Feeding 101 – Learn To Feed Raw

 Of course when preparing raw meat one should take the usual precautions that you would when feeding a member of your family, by cleaning the counter, using a clean knife and washing your hands, etc. We have written some useful reminders around the handling of raw dog food on our website here. As for bacteria being passed on through fecal matter, then again, the normal precautions of hygiene would apply.

Watch the following video(s) to learn more about the ideal diet for dogs.

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