Certified organic, naturally fermented multivitamin and organ support. Gentle on the stomach, good for all dogs from puppies to seniors.

SoulFood® is a revolutionary USDA-certified organic multivitamin formula for dogs of all ages made with a patented, proprietary, all-natural probiotic fermentation process.

Most people are not aware that conventional vitamins are synthesized from ingredients such as crude oil and coal.

In contrast, SoulFood® is a certified organic whole food vitamin supplement that is recognized by the body as “REAL FOOD” that is easily absorbed and metabolized.

SoulFood® contains a full spectrum of vitamins and unlike synthetic vitamins, it is gentle on digestion and does not cause stomach upsets.

Agricultural soils have been seriously depleted for decades, and this deficit affects the whole food chain and also your dog. SoulFood helps to fill any nutritional gaps caused by a lack of nutrients in the soil.

All our essential supplements are packaged in glass. We choose glass over plastic to protect your dog and the environment from toxins in plastic. Glass is non-porous and impermeable which ensures freshness and quality. Glass is 100% recyclable and sustainable. It can be recycled endlessly without affecting the quality or purity of the glass.