Saro Dog Training in North Vancouver About Saro Boghozian


My name is Saro Boghozian and I am the owner of Jonah’s Ark Doggie Centre in North Vancouver where I run and operate my own dog playcare plus I provide dog training using “play and praise” dog training system. I operate this tail-wagging business alongside my wife, Yoko and my Beagles, Harvey and Annie. We lost our older dog, Jonah the Beagle, who we had named our business after in his honour.

I help dog owners build the best and the healthiest relationships with their dogs using a unique method of dog training system, uncommon in the dog training industry today.

There is NO NEED to use food or treats, force, domination or tools like clickers, shock collars, choke chain collars or prong collars, which are often used for training dogs. Instead I use a simple method of “play and praise dog training” with special emphasis on educating dog owners. I am very excited to share this simple training system which guarantees results with all dog lovers around the world.


I have many years of knowledge and experience working with thousands of dogs. I am not your typical dog trainer. My unique, successful method of play and praise dog training is not comparable to most training methods. There is no one like me and there is no one like you and your dog.

My book – “A Dog’s Five Essential Needs”. I published this book in the spring of 2016 which offers simple solutions for dog owners to help build a better life for their dogs.

I am a certified, expert family dog trainer and I received my dog trainer certification from “The College of Canine Behavioural Science”. I am also a member of the “Canadian Association of Professional Pet Dog Trainers”.

If you love your dog and want to provide the best for it, I am here to help you. Please select any of the services that I offer and let’s get started.