How to stop my dog behave badly

There are many ways of stopping your dog’s bad behaviour(s). You can use tools like shock collars and there are ways to use force to stop your dog. But also there are ways of using common sense and knowledge. I suggest you use reasoning and use knowledge when it comes to helping your dog to stop a certain behaviour.

In order to fix your dog’s bad or unwanted behaviour, you need to know what and why that behaviour is developed in your dog in the first place. You need to understand and accept that many dog owners help and cause the dog to develop some of the unwanted behaviours without knowing or acknowledging it.

The main reason why your dog is misbehaving is that your dog is stressed and anxious. Now, why is it that your dog is stressed and anxious? There are a few reasons that cause your dog to misbehave but I will focus on 4 parts of the cause.

First is, lack of information in your dog. Your dog is clueless in some of the things that you may think they should know. They know things that you are clueless in a way as well. They can detect or smell or even sense things that we humans have no idea they exist or are going to happen and yet they know it way before us. They are capable of detecting humans getting even cancer even before we know it. So, they are amazing in many ways but it doesn’t mean that they know everything especially when it comes to living with humans. Us, humans have a hard time living with humans. we’ve created borders, countries, languages to make it even more difficult for us, to live with, imagine what dogs have to go through to understand how to live with humans. So, they lack the information that humans lack to provide for them. What they are supposed to do and what not to do. You need to provide them for your dog.

The second reason is that dogs live with humans. The fact that dogs are living with humans is stressful.  Also, because, dogs live differently than humans do and they look different as well, it is stressful and confusing for dogs. So, they get stressed. They need you to teach them how they can live with you.

Third, is the lack of training. training a dog helps you to develop a communication system between you and your dog. Without it, you can teach your dog or give information to your dog. Training a dog helps them to be confident and more relaxed. Lack of training can cause dogs to develop stress-related behaviours. So, you need to at least start training your dog, the basics.

The fourth reason is the dog owner’s lack of knowledge. Dog owners need to be more educated and knowledgeable about dogs in order to have a well-behaved dog.  Not many dog owners take the time to learn and educate themselves about a dog and their own dog. They depend on luck or other things for their dog to start behaving properly. So, you need to educate yourself about dogs as much as you can so, you can provide information to your dog.

The lack of dog owner’s knowledge about dogs prevents them to begin training their dogs and that causes the dogs to have a harder time living with humans especially without having any information and knowing how to live with humans. So, all these cause your dog to get stressed and have anxiety which helps them to develop behavioural issues.

So, next time don’t blame your dog for behaving badly. Blame yourself.

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