Puppy Training 101-All You Need To Know To Get Stared With Your Puppy

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About Course

In this unique puppy training 101 online video puppy training course, you will get to learn all the basics and need to know content about your puppy, how to raise it, how to problem solve all the common puppy related issues, how to train the basics, and much more, whether you have adopted your puppy or not. 

This is not just a band-aid solution but more of a whole form of learning and raising a puppy. There is no other puppy training 101 course like this on the net. I guarantee you 100%.

This is a unique opportunity for you to join and learn all you need to know about your puppy and how to raise your puppy with a unique method of play and praise reward system without the use of treats, food, aversive tools, force, domination, and being alpha.

I will take you with me on this journey as I raise my own rescued beagle puppy, Annie which I adopted. You will see how I deal with all the issues that you deal with.

The content is continuously being updated, it is up to date, and packed with info to empower you with the latest information about puppies and dogs. 

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        • All prices are in Canadian Dollars.
        • No REFUNDS will be applied. 
        • Once you register for the course you will receive a registration confirmation by email. Then, you can log in to your program using the username and password that you use to register. Please make sure to remember this info.

      Students Reviews

      I cannot thank you enough for your puppy 101 training. It totally “fills in the blanks” for me!
      Teresa McArthur
      Treat training is so unnecessary as you say. I can notice the difference in my dogs now that I’ve switched to your method of training vs. treat training. They’re more relaxed, and so am I. The shift is very nice! The treats were getting in the way of my goal.
      Eryka Patterson
      We started a puppy kindergarten class that is highly regarded in my area but found it as you described in your puppy 101 introduction video, distracting and stressful. Moose was anxious, I was overwhelmed and he just wanted to play. It just isn’t a good fit for either of us. I might keep going for the socialization aspect since I paid for the class. But no more treats.

      Hi Saro! We found your channel when we were preparing for our new puppy and watched as much as we could as it was so different from other dog trainer videos – especially the no treat training! Because the free content was so great, we bought the paid course last week and I honestly don’t know how we would have managed without it. We brought our puppy home 2 days ago and she has been amazing thanks to what we learnt from you. I can already see all the mistakes we would have made without your course. Thank you so much!

      Brooke Lumsden

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      What Will You Learn?

      • Puppy training basics
      • Puppy psychology
      • Potty training a puppy
      • Crate training a puppy
      • Managing all the bad habits of a puppy
      • Learn your puppy's needs
      • Tools and equipment you need for your puppy
      • Basic puppy obedience training
      • Basic puppy leash walking
      • Games to play with your puppy
      • Puppy diet
      • And much, much more

      Course Content

      Understanding Your Puppy
      What happened to your puppy before it came to your life and to you.

      • First thing first!
      • Lesson 1- Before and after your puppy came into your life.
      • Lesson 1 A- Before and after getting a puppy Part 1
      • Lesson 4- Before and after getting a puppy part 2
      • Lesson 1 C – Before and after getting a puppy part 3
      • Lesson 2- Instinct and Drive
      • Lesson 3- Where is your puppy now?
      • Lesson 4- Where in the house your puppy is going to stay.
      • Lesson 5- The secret of having a great puppy/dog.
      • Lesson 6- Quality time for your puppy
      • Understand your puppy

      Basic Needs For Puppies
      What are the basic needs of your puppy?

      How To Communicate To Your Puppy
      You will learn how to make contact with your puppy and communicate with your puppy. You also learn how puppies learn, how do you correct and reward your puppy.

      Common Puppy Issues
      Learn how to solve potty training or house training issues, crate training, biting and nipping issues, barking, jumping issues and more

      Puppy Basic Obedience Training
      Learn the 3 main basic obedience commands that you have to teach your puppy at a puppy level.

      Puppy Leash Walking
      Learn all you need to know and learn about walking your puppy.

      Bonus – Games To Play With Your Puppy
      Some games that you can play with your puppy which are going to enhance the relationship, the learning speed and your puppies health.

      Diet For Dogs
      Learn all about your puppies diet.

      Environmental toxins for dogs
      Environmental toxins for dogs that can be dangerous for your puppy.

      Results After 2 Months

      What’s Next?
      So, what should you do now? I will share some tips and ideas for you to consider.

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