Basic Obedience & More Without The Use Of Treats

  • by Saro
  • Course level: Beginner


In this course, you will learn philosophy and the methodology of dog training without the use of treats or food plus you will get to learn to teach your dog basic obedience using a unique method. In this unique course, you will learn the method of dog training using “play & praise” as a reward system which will help you to get great results right away after training your dog and accomplishing them.

Many dog owners and dog trainers use treats, aversive tools, force or domination to train dogs, but we know now that these are not the best options to use to train dogs as they have negative effects physically and mentally. Training dogs using treats causes the development of health issues, dependency on treats and also lack of long-term results. These are just some of the reasons why you don’t get results when you train your puppy or dog.

Science has discovered that we can train dogs and get the same or even better results by just using “play or praise” as a reward for dogs.

We will explore all these discoveries and I will teach you all the techniques and ideas that you can use to train your dog to become the best dog in the neighborhood or even the world without the use of treats, food, aversive tools like shock collars, prong collars, choke chain collars, force, domination or being alpha.

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What people say: 

I used to like Zack George videos but then I started to think. Is there a way to teach dogs without treats? Does the treat training method actually work? Will my dog ever listen to me without treats? So, I started to search if there is a training method without treats and that’s how I found your videos. Your way actually works! I tried it and my dog started to listen to me without treats!

Queen B.

Saro is by far better than the trainers that are in my hometown. I wish there were more people like him, I’m in love with his techniques, this is how training was meant to be. I only wish many others realized they don’t have to be for lack of better words cruel to train because I’ve seen some training styles that are just that.

The baroness

I have subscribed to many dog training channels & none is as good & thorough as yours.  Although some are good, none have the Live streaming Question & Answer as yours does.  And many of these trainers talk way too fast!!

Elizabeth Caruso

I am so glad I came across your videos and took your course before we got our dog because I would have done everything wrong! You have really given me confidence that we can have a great dog.

Matt Rose

What Will I Learn?

  • Train dogs without the use of treats
  • To get results by using "play & praise" system
  • To communicate to your dog
  • To have a great connection with your dog
  • Basic obedience command
  • Walk your dog on a loose leash
  • Dog psychology
  • Games to play with your dog

Topics for this course

69 Lessons20h

Intro to play & praise reward system

Reminder number 1
Welcome video #1. Welcome to the course.4:07
Welcome video part 23:04
Welcome video part 34:09
Welcome video part 45:41
Welcome video part 54:14
Dog owners Quiz

How dogs learn? Play & Praise Dog Training Method.

A dog’s five essential needs.

Correction & reward + Tools we will use.

Basic Obedience lesson #1:

Basic Obedience lesson #2:

Basic Obedience lesson #3:

Basic Obedience lesson #4:

Basic Obedience lesson #5:

Games to play and train your dog

Basic Obedience lesson #6:

Basic Obedience lesson #7

Basic Obedience lesson #8:

Basic Obedience Lesson # 9

Conclusion and the final thoughts


Material Includes

  • Homework
  • Training handouts
  • Videos
  • Personal support
  • Monthly video reviews
  • Q&A's
  • Additional content and support


  • Your dog must be 3 months and older
  • No treats needed in this course
  • You need to have a 6" leash
  • A snap-on simple collar
  • A long leash 35"
  • A harness (optional)

Target Audience

  • Dog owners who failed at other dog training classes
  • Dog owners who want to build a healthy relationship with their dog
  • Dog owners who want to continue training their dog
  • Dog owners who don’t want to use treats to train their dogs
  • Dog owners who don’t want to use tools like shock collars, prong collars and halters
  • Dog owners who don’t want to use force or domination
  • Dog owners with dogs and behavioural issues like aggression and more