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Best time to get a dog.

Every year, the winter holiday season continues to be a very popular time for families to get/give dogs as Christmas gifts.  Unfortunately, it’s also probably the worst time of the year to bring a new dog home for many reasons.

Weather-wise, potty training a puppy in cold rainy weather isn’t much fun, and other outdoor activities like walking, training, and exercise can be very unpleasant at this time of year.

Another reason this season is less than ideal for introducing new dogs into the family relates to the level of activity and energy happening at home. This time of year is full of family visits and entertaining – all of which create high levels of excitement and energy which is actually very stressful for most dogs.

A much better time of year for getting a new dog (whether puppy or full-grown) is in the spring. And if you are a first-time dog owner, I would also suggest fostering a dog first before adopting and or buying one of your own.  Fostering will not only give you a chance to find out if you are really ready for the demands of dog ownership but it will also give you insights into what kind of dog would be best for you.

Bringing new dogs into a family requires planning, doing research about which kind of dog is right for your lifestyle, and talking with professionals about the short and long-term training that you will need to do in order to make sure your dog remains healthy, balanced, and happy.

Remember adding a new member to your family means you have to be prepared to put a hundred percent of your energy and devotion into the process.

So please, if you are thinking about introducing a new dog into your family, avoid the holiday season and talk to me ahead of time. Together we can make sure you have all the information to get started the right way.

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