A dog's Five Essential Needs
  • Why does my dog act this way?
  • What are your dog’s essential needs?
  • How can I prevent my dog from behaving badly?
  • What mistakes have I made as a dog owner?
  • What does my dog need to be happy?

If you’ve ever asked yourself any of these questions, A Dog’s Five Essential Needs is the book for you. Whether you’re planning to get a dog for the first time or you’ve been a dog owner for years, this easy-to-follow guide will teach you how to create balance in your pup’s life which is the necessary foundation for producing good behaviour and building a healthy pet-owner relationship.

Discover how vital your emotional, not just physical, presence is to your dog, and learn about the key role of prevention in behaviour training. Offering both universal and specific insights, author and dog training expert, Saro Boghozian, not only explains why dogs need exercise, training, socialization, care, and affection on a daily basis but also presents a simple and proven plan for how you can satisfy these essential needs.

Start developing healthier strategies today in order to ensure a better future for your dog.

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As a dog lover, past owner of poodles, and a current “Human” with a new canine companion, Esther, I can honestly say that this time, I’m getting off on the right paw, with Saro’s dog training, and book! Esther, our 6 month old poodle puppy, was biting, barking and driving us a little nuts, until I called Saro at Jonah’s Ark. After the puppy training program, and solidifying our new understanding about the Human and Dog relationship from Saro’s book, I can honestly say that Esther is calmer, happier and much more relaxed, and so are we! I highly recommend this book to any current dog owner, and anyone considering adopting a dog into their lives. Saro’s dog training philosophy is simple, makes sense, is compassionate to both dog and human, and is easy to incorporate into our busy lives. Thank you Saro!!

Susan Ballacheyon

Getting off on the right paw with Saro


I heartily recommend that all dog owners and potential dog owners read this small, easy to read little book. It clearly articulates each dog’s needs and the training techniques which will meet those needs. Saro offers many helpful training tips to modify any dog’s behavior thereby achieving a healthy and happy relationship between you and your dog.

By C. Okane

This book is clear, concise and an easy read with a gem on every page.

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