Beagles are not ideal dogs for first time owners

10 reasons why beagles are not ideal dogs for first time dog owners

Are beagles ideal dogs for first-time dog owners? Here are 10 reasons why you do not want to get a beagle as your first dog.

Beagles are one of the most popular breeds of dogs in America but not as popular in Canada. I think it has to do with Snoopy as he was an American-made cartoon character in TV shows and movies. It represented beagles and that is how I think beagles became popular in America.

I remember when traveling to the U.S. with my beagles, people always pointed at our beagles and said, “Hey there is a beagle”. When in Canada, many people tend to ask me what kind of breed my dog is.

So, I love beagles and there are many reasons why I love them. I am comfortable with them, I know the breed, I know their characteristics, and all the pros and cons of them. In short, I love them because they are a perfect size and I feel like they are ideal dogs for four seasons, unlike some of the breeds of dogs.

That is my opinion, but recently I asked a large Facebook beagle group about why they felt that beagles were the ideal breed and the following is the result of this survey.

Reason number 1: They are active dogs and always ready to play, so get ready to provide lots of physical activities for your beagle.


Reason number 2: They suffer from separation anxiety when left alone because they have been bred to work closely with humans.

Beagles are great breeds

Reason number 3: They escape artists because once again they are extremely attached to humans, so they want to be with them. Also, because they are scent dogs, they may pick up on a scent and target it. Therefore, they will do whatever it takes to get to their humans or their target.

Beagles are escape artists

Reason number 4: They shed all year round. They have thick but short fur that sheds all year round.

Beagles shed

Reason number 5: They live short life. Unfortunately, just like any other breed of dog, they live a short life that is never long enough.

Reason number 6: It is hard to walk them on or off-leash. They tend to follow their noses and this results in them pulling on the leash or not being trusted to be off the leash.

Beagles pull on the leash

Reason number 7: Their noses are always busy sniffing and working. The beagle is a scent dog, used and bred for hunting. Their noses are always at work sniffing which results in them being headed, with purpose, somewhere most of the time.

Beagles sniff

Reason number 8: They are a foodie. Beagles are known to be a foodie and are always looking for snacks. They will steal food, or they will go through your home trash to find food.

Beagles are foodie

Reason number 9: They bark or bay a lot. Once again because of the breed which has been bred for hunting and chasing the prey to let the hunters know where the prey is located, beagles tend to bay or bark during the chase and the hunt. It is a natural trait of a beagle and many people find it annoying.

Beagles bark

Reason number 10: They are stubborn. Many dog breeds are known for being stubborn and beagles are also in that group. I would like to disagree. Stubborn is an excuse that many dog owners use to avoid being blamed for not training their dogs. In most dogs that are labeled as stubborn, you will find that their owners have not tried to train their dogs enough or have not been clear enough when training their beagles. Beagles can be easily trained and once they are trained they are far from being stubborn. If they were, hunters would not use them and trust them for hunting tasks that rely on major trust between the beagle and the hunter.

Beagles are stubborn

My take on this breed

They are a wonderful breed and are so much fun to have as a family dog. The more beagles you have the better it is. They are easily trained and can be off-leashed after six months to a year of regular training.

What do you think?

Are you a beagle owner? Would you own a beagle? What do you find great about beagles?

Watch this video for more info about the beagle breed.

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