Coaching busy dog owners to gain control over their puppy and adult dogs by providing weekly group, and lifetime one on one support plus customized dog training plan with video and live monthly lessons using a unique dog training method which instead of using treats, aversive tools, force, and methods you learn to apply "play and praise" as a reward to train your dog and get proven results.


"We learned a lot, but more importantly, we knew that Saro has the tools, mindset, and in-depth knowledge required to teach dog owners how to train their dog in a gentle and humane way".
And Tommy
Saro, I have developed a better relationship with my beagle using Saro training techniques.
2 weeks of training my adopted beagle on leash according to Saro's guidelines and he has improved 50-75%. Thank you.
Saro, you are awesome. The way you deliver information makes it so easy to process and understand. Thank you.


You could live in harmony and peace with your dog simply by following my proven system with proven results.

About The Program

If you are looking for a one-on-one dog training and coaching plan where you learn all you need to know in order to have the perfect dog, this is the program for you. For us to work together and be successful, I select those who are serious to commit to my plan and are willing to apply the method.

I start by offering you a free video call where we get to know each other and find out if we are a perfect match for each other.

To join the program and to see if you qualify to register for this program simply set up our meeting day and time for our consult video call now.

During the video call, you will also learn all the details of the program and your questions will be answered as well. 

About Your Coach

Saro is a certified and experienced dog trainer for over 16 years. He will be coaching you along the way in this program and will be there for you all the time. 

Not only Saro has been a dog trainer who’s worked with all breeds of dogs in all common situations but he has been a dog daycare owner as well. Owning and operating a dog daycare is a great way of learning and understanding dogs on a more intimate and deeper level.

All these experiences have allowed him to gather information and knowledge, unlike any other dog trainer. 

Dog training is a lifelong process

Dog training is not a few weeks or a few sessions process. You need to work on your dog as much as and as long as it needs. You can’t limit yourself to just a few weeks. That is a recipe for failure. 

Included Materials:

  • 60 plus Videos and lessons
  • Worksheets and handouts
  • Written training handouts
  • Mobile-Optimized and Accessible from Desktop

lessons & Training GAMES

In this plan, you get to play and train your dog. This way you get to train your dog, exercise and build a fun and healthy relationship together with your dog at the same time.

Understand your dog's needs and psychology

Understanding your dog’s psychology and its needs will help you to train your dog faster and better so you can have the perfect dog.

Monthly Workshops

I will help you to have fun training your dog by offering you workshops, challenges, and tests to empower you to move forward even further.


Weekly Coaching Calls

Ask your questions and solve all the issues that you may come across during our weekly coaching calls. You are never alone.


A Facebook group dedicated to like-minded dog owners who are there to support you and have or are accomplishing the same goals as yours as a community.

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Dog Training without treats

Learn a simple method of dog training using play and praise as a reward system instead of using treats, food, aversive tools, force, or domination. You will learn all the obedience training levels.


You get access to the program for life. That means you will get all your dog training, care, and health information from one trusted source. You never need to search around for information or another dog trainer. 

Full time & lifetime service

Our services and solutions are not limited to just a few weeks. It is going to continue for your lifetime. It will never expire. Help is going to be always available and ready for you and your dog. No matter what or when!


Private Coaching

24/7 Support

Let's Find out if we match.

To join the program and to see if you qualify to register for this program simply set up our meeting day and time for our discovery Zoom call now.

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