Puppy Training 101

  • by Saro
  • Course level: Beginner


  • Did you just get a puppy?
  • Are you overwhelmed with your puppy?
  • Do you want to raise a great puppy?
  • Do you want to learn all the basics of puppy training?

Well, if you answered yes to any of the questions above, then you are in the right place. In this unique puppy training course, you will get to learn all the basics and need to know content about your puppy, how to raise it, how to problem solve it, how to train the basics and much more whether you have adopted your puppy or not.

This is a unique opportunity for you to join and learn all you need to know about your puppy and how to raise with a unique method of play and praise reward system without the use of treats, food, aversive tools, force, domination and being alpha.

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What people say: 

I used to like Zack George videos but then I started to think. Is there a way to teach dogs without treats? Does the treat training method actually work? Will my dog ever listen to me without treats? So, I started to search if there is a training method without treats and that’s how I found your videos. Your way actually works! I tried it and my dog started to listen to me without treats!

Queen B.

Saro is by far better than the trainers that are in my hometown. I wish there were more people like him, I’m in love with his techniques, this is how training was meant to be. I only wish many others realized they don’t have to be for lack of better words cruel to train because I’ve seen some training styles that are just that.

The baroness

I have subscribed to many dog training channels & none is as good & thorough as yours.  Although some are good, none have the Live streaming Question & Answer as yours does.  And many of these trainers talk way too fast!!

Elizabeth Caruso

What Will I Learn?

  • Puppy training basics
  • Puppy psychology
  • Potty training a puppy
  • Crate training a puppy
  • Managing all the bad habits of a puppy
  • Puppy needs
  • What tools and equipment I need for my puppy
  • Basic puppy obedience training
  • Basic puppy leash walking
  • Games to play with my puppy
  • Puppy diet
  • And much, much more

Topics for this course

48 Lessons10h

Understanding Your Puppy

Lesson 1- Before your puppy came into your life.8:57
Lesson 2- Instinct and Drive8:54
Lesson 3- Where is your puppy now?6:24
Lesson 4- Where your puppy is going to stay at home.5:45
Lesson 5- The secret to having a great puppy/dog.12:14
Lesson 6- Quality time for your puppy14:47
Understand your puppy

Basic Needs For Puppies

How To Communicate To Your Puppy

Diet For Dogs

Environmental toxins for dogs

Common Puppy Issues

Puppy Basic Obedience Training

Puppy Leash Walking

Bonus – Games To Play With Your Puppy

What’s Next?

$95.00 $65.00

Material Includes

  • Videos
  • Handouts
  • Games
  • Instructions
  • One on one support


  • A leash
  • A collar
  • A harness
  • A puppy

Target Audience

  • Puppy owners who have a puppy up to 8 months old.
  • Dog lovers who are thinking of getting a puppy.
  • Puppy owners who are overwhelmed with their puppy.
  • New puppy owners.
  • New puppy owners who adopted or rescued the puppy.