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  • Online Course

    Puppy Training 101

    • Do you want to learn the basics of puppy training 101?
    • Did you just get a puppy or are you thinking of getting a puppy soon?
    • Are you overwhelmed with your puppy?
    • Do you want to raise a great puppy?
    • Do you want to learn all the basics of puppy training
    • Do you want to know how to train …

  • Workshops

    Private Dog Training Session

    Please answer the questions, read and agree to submit and make full payment.

  • Workshops

    Private Puppy Training Session

    I offer private dog training in North Vancouver and the first step is to book an initial lesson below. This lesson will get you started on training to suit your specific situation. Whether it is puppy training, obedience training, or behavioural modification issues. This session will also help me to assess your dog or puppy and its behaviour. An initial lesson runs …

  • Membership


    Your dog will learn all the main obedience commands and will be set for success in its training journey. 

  • Online Course

    Functional Dog Training Without Treats

    In this course, you will learn philosophy and the methodology of dog training WITHOUT the use of treats plus you will teach your dog basic obedience using this unique method. In this unique course, you will learn the method of dog training using “play & praise” reward system which will help you to get great results right away after training …

  • Membership


    For us to work together and be successful, I select those who are series to commit and are willing to apply to my program.

    I start by offering you a 30-minute Zoom call where we get to know each other and find out if we are a perfect match for each other.