Virtual Dog Training & Coaching


  • One on one video sessions via Zoom.
  • Custom made to your needs and your dog.
  • Videos, content and documents specific to your needs.
  • Personal training and assistance offered worldwide.

We will set up our meeting session(s) and will make contact using Zoom.

We’ll have a one on one consultation sessions. I will show you what you need to do technically and I will watch you via video to see if you are performing the techniques properly with your dog.

I will also share and send you videos, documents and files for more info and support. You will get up to 2 email support as well.

Cancelation Policy. 

After you book and make payments for our session no refunds are issued. If you’d like to reschedule our session, please use the calendar in which you booked our session to do so.

Please Note:

  • Please book the day and time of our meeting here first before you make the payment.

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Your dog’s info:



I will work with you for the following issues: jumping on people, digging, pulling on the leash, excessive barking, begging for food, jumping on furniture, being overprotective of family or property, inappropriate elimination, destructive behavior, excessive submission, aggression, separation anxiety and many other. You will have a dog that behaves much better and you will be proud of it.

I can also answer all your dog-related questions.