Basic Obedience – T.B.A.


At the moment, I offer my basic obedience course ONLINE only. You can join my online course here.

In this 6-week training course, we will work on building the basic obedience commands.  They are to sit, stay, come, heel, stand and down.

You will get weekly homework, handouts, videos and emails.

My dog training programs have been designed based on years of experience working with thousands of dogs. I use a simple play & praise reward training system which replaces the use of treats, tools like clickers or shock collars, force or domination to train dogs.

I can help you to become an educated dog lover. You will enjoy training your dog and I will improve your life with your dog.

6-week course. Each class is 60 minutes.  Maximum 4 students per class. 

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Please remember:

  • These classes are only for social and friendly puppies/dogs. Please do not sign up for this course if your dog is dog reactive, reactive to people, anxious and aggressive towards others. If your dog is not suitable for class, we will ask you to leave the class and we will need you to sign up for our private training.
  • If you miss a class for any reason, we will not refund or return your payment for the missed class or replace your missed class.
  • Please arrive early to walk your puppy/dog in the park across the facility to fully relive itself.
  • Please arrive 5 minutes early to the class to sign in. Classes start right at the starting time. We won’t wait for any late arrivals and the door will get locked at 6:30 PM.
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  • Please call us at 604-990-1642 or contact us if you have any problem registering online.