Saro Dog Training Testimonials

Two weeks of training my adopted beagle on leash according to Saro's guidelines and he has improved 50-75%. Thank you.
Saro, I have developed a better relationship with my beagle using Saro training techniques.
An excellent dog training course that explains human and dog psychology. Saro’s techniques explain dog training in easy steps.
Hella Simonsen
Saro, you are awesome. The way you deliver information makes it so easy to process and understand. Thank you.
The BEST! Training is what WORKS! and I have found that play and praise is the only type of training that works for me and my 2 dogs.
Nancy Ritland
Play and Praise works. My dog was trained on treats. Now saying "good boy " is magical, and he doesn't look for treats as much.
Cynthia Ingram
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