Group Basic Obedience Training Using Play & Praise Dog Training Method in North Vancouver

Looking for private training?

One on one, in my office or at your home.

Do you want to teach your dog the basic obedience commands or just help it to become the best dog in North vancouber?

I will make you fall in love with training your dog with a simple, fun and effective dog training system.

With my training courses, we will work on building the basic obedience commands which are sit command, stay, come, heel, stand and down plus much more.

You will get weekly homework, handouts, videos and everything that you will need to get started in training your dog and building the fundamentals of training and communication with your dog.

My dog training program has been designed based on years of experience working with thousands of dogs. I use a simple play & praise reward training system which replaces the use of treats, tools like clickers or shock collars, force or domination to train dogs.

I can help you to become an educated dog lover. You will enjoy training your dog and I will improve your life with your dog.

Simply, call me at 604-990-1642 today and I will be glad to help you out with all your dog training needs. Or, just simple, choose one of the services that I offer.


Thank you! The basic obedience classes made a huge difference in learning how to train Dahlia. With Saro’s guidance and lots of work, we are seeing a huge difference in Dahlia’s behaviour and confidence. She’s even better now. Nicola Budd and Dahlia

Saro’s class taught us a lot about all the right and treat-free ways to condition and train our dog. We look forward to our next level of training. Sylvia and Mario Pezzente with Mylo

An excellent dog training course that explains human and dog psychology. Saro’s techniques explain dog training in easy steps. Hella Simonsen with Bella

What makes your classes fun is the fact you insert humour into your lessons. The little video clips help make your teachings even clearer. Both my dogs, Qantas and Levi have grown and so have I as their “master”. Thank you, Saro. Cheryl with Qantas and Levi

I am so thankful to Saro for his instruction, patience, persistence and knowledge. I was ready to” give up” until I met Saro and saw that his training works. I am very grateful to Saro and would recommend his obedience training course to every dog owner. Yolanda Jessel with Marley   My two somewhat-troubled dogs, Chico (Boston, 3yrs) and Tori (Min. Poodle, 2yrs) took Saro’s basic obedient course and I can’t believe how much I’ve learned about dogs’ behaviour and how to correct their misbehaving. Having worked in the pet industry myself, I’d give two thumbs up to Saro’s training skill and knowledge of dogs!! His class is not like “time’s up-see you next time” type of thing nor does he emotionally get frustrated with your hyper puppy. He goes an extra mile with you and the best of all; he is very patient with dog owners and extremely helpful. After his class, my misinterpretation of dogs has been corrected and I would absolutely recommend Saro’s class to any of my clients. Thank you so much, Saro! Tiffany with Chico & Tori from Sweet Face Dog Grooming Inc.

We moved from the states a few months ago. Our dog becomes anxious and started barking when we left him alone. Saro suggested that he attends doggie playcare a few times a week as well as taking basic obedience. I have seen a significant change in my dog’s temperament and happiness.  Amanda Pouliot and Bauer

Saro, Jaxson and I both enjoyed your interactive class, not only for your simple and effective techniques but for your patience and the inputs as well, always with a smile.  Lynne Optland with Jaxson

My four-month-old lab has benefitted immensely from the guidance Saro has provided in training our family on the basics of care from consistency in practice to general care. My four-year-old son is teaching his younger brother and they are both comfortable and able to walk around the house and yard with Jack on a leash.  Amanda Nichol with Jack

I think the Basic Obedience class is a must for every new dog owner. It’s more than just teaching a dog to sit and stay without using treats – the course touches on many aspects of dog care and explains why using the wrong technique doesn’t work. Saro persists with the dogs until they can follow a command then teaches us how to carry out the training with consistency. And it was a lot of fun. Colleen with Bella

A very useful and applicable training class, friendly instructor and knowledgeable like the dog whisperer. Lili, Jasmine and Lucky

A great course! It is clear, straight forward and directs to the points needed to train your dog. A great education in a fun way. Wendy Currie with Luna[/one_half][one_half_last]

Excellent classes! Saro is the dog whisperer for you and your dog. Highly recommend his course. T. Roberts with Tattoo

The class focused on the well-being of the dog, always working with patients with the dog’s owner to teach the dog good behaviour in a supportive, non-angry or aggressive way.  Susanne with Ava

We are very pleased with the progress Bella has made working with Saro. We are even pleased with “our” improvement!! David Ross with Bella

Good class size, relaxing atmosphere and easy to understand the material. Saro took extra time after each class to make sure we understood and answered any questions that we might have. Saro is a funny guy as well.  Dora Fong and Neo

The beginner’s course provided us with the basic knowledge to start training our dog with. Over the six weeks, we gained confidence in our abilities, knowing we were using a system that works. The training has progressed wonderfully. Thank you.  Samantha with Andre

I found Saro’s intro obedience class very helpful in getting my dog started on the right road to behaving well. It has made it easier for both of us to learn about training.  Krystina Madej

Saro uses a great system for training dogs. His system requires our self-discipline and because of his lessons, we now understand how important our role is in creating a well-balanced dog. We have noticed a big improvement in Gunner’s “obedience”. Janice & Gordon with Gunner

So you want your dog to be the best-behaved dog ever? Well, go no further and take a big breath. First of all, I have learned that training is a life long journey with your dog, not a 6week course that magically turns your dog into Lassie. There is no such thing. Saro’s courses take you to step by step and progressively you will learn how to communicate with your dog. Every human that trains their dog has a different timeline and Saro’s courses set you up for success with learning basic commands that builds a strong foundation. This foundation will allow you to communicate with your dog and lead you and best friend towards a stronger bond. I have learned so much and feel proud of my dog and continue to learn more. It is a wonderful journey and a gift we as dog owners have been given. Whatever you put into your dog he or she will give it back a hundred times more.  Heather Myhre with Josh

Since completing Jonah’s Ark’s 6-week dog-training program, we have become more responsible owners and our dog Lizzie has become a well-behaved, happy dog. The non-treat based methods make our positive attitudes more reinforcing to our dog than anything else. Since the course, we have a stronger bond with our rescued companion and have seen the longevity of our Trainer’s methods in our everyday lives. The training is easy, Sensible, and gives you a great understanding of dog and owner behaviour. We HIGHLY recommend the dog school to dog owners in our community. Thanks, Saro!  Ian, Maria with Lizzie