Dog Training In North Vancouver- You don’t need to train your dog, you need to have fun.

I help you to get the best of your dog.

Are you looking for the best dog trainer in North Vancouver?

I will make you fall in love with training your dog with a simple, fun and effective dog training system.

With my offline and online dog training system, we will work on building the basic obedience commands which are; sit command, stay, come, heel, stand and down plus much more.

You will get weekly homework, handouts, videos, and everything that you will need to get started in training your dog and building the fundamentals of training and communication with your dog.

My dog training program has been designed based on years of experience working with thousands of dogs and dog owners who used my dog training method training dogs in North Vancouver. I use a simple play & praise reward training system which replaces the use of treats, tools like clickers or shock collars, force, or domination to train dogs.

I can help you to become an educated dog lover. You will enjoy training your dog and I will improve your life with your dog.

Most dogs can learn basic dog training lessons quickly and easily without using anything. What I mean is, for instance, the basics of obedience commands can be taught to a dog very easily. There is no need to involve tools or even treats. I have talked about why I don’t suggest using tools or treats to train dogs in this article before.

The first ingredient for successful dog training is time.

What you need to do is to spend some focused quality time with your dog to build a healthy relationship to start modifying your dog’s behaviour. All the tools and gadgets are just quick fixes and are for those who want things to be done yesterday. They don’t produce solid results and meaningful relationships.

To own a dog and live with a dog one requires a lifetime commitment to the dog. It means you are investing in quality-focused time to be spent with your dog which eventually will develop into a loving and caring relationship. Once you build a healthy relationship with your dog and have taken the right steps of training the basics, I would guarantee you that you won’t need anything but yourself to change or modify your dog’s behaviour and help your dog to get trained furthermore.

Taking the time to build a healthier relationship with a dog will solve most of the bad behaviours. That time could be six weeks or six months or even a year and the reality may be that it may take even longer but every quality moment spent with your dog is a step forward.

The second ingredient for success in dog training is knowledge.

For your dog to behave properly and for you to avoid using or depending on tools, you need to provide your dog’s five essential needs.

What that means is you need to educate yourself about your dog. You need to know what to do, why you are doing things that you do and you need to make yourself become an educated dog lover.

Dog training is not the only answer to addressing your dog’s bad behaviours. You need to provide a proper amount of exercise, socialization, care and know-how, and when to use affection. You need to learn how to communicate with your dog and address its unwanted behaviours.

Taking a six-week dog training course is not the solution. It’s a great start for training your dog but it is not the answer. I have learned and realized this after years of working with dog owners. Dog owners have done the same things for years and have failed at dealing with their dog’s issues.

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