Saro Dog Training-Free Course & Training

  • You will have a dog that listens to you.

  • You will have a reliable dog.

  • You won’t depend on food to train your dog!

  • You won’t Poison your dog with Treats!

  • You will learn a simple dog training method using play and praise.

  • You won’t need to use aversive tools like shock collars, prong collars or choke chain collars.

  • Don’t need to use force, domination or try to be the alpha.

Saro uses a great system for training dogs. His system requires our self-discipline and because of his lessons, we now understand how important our role is in creating a well-balanced dog.


A great course! It is clear, straight forward and directs to the points needed to train your dog. A great education in a fun way.

Wendy Currie with Luna

Basic Obedience course is a must for every new dog owner. It’s more than just teaching a dog to sit and stay without using treats – the course touches on many aspects of dog care and explains why using the wrong technique doesn’t work.

Colleen with Bella

I learned that the greatest treat or gift you can give your best friend is time, training without treats or being alpha. I highly recommend Saro’s dog training program.  Josh does too!

Josh and Heather

Don’t wait. Start today and become an educated dog lover. 

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