Your Dog’s Daily Five Essential Needs Online Course

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In this course, which is based on my best selling book, A Dog’s Five Essential needs, I will teach you what your dog’s needs are and how they can improve and impact not only your dog’s life but your life as well.

A dog's Five Essential Needs

In this course, you will have a clear understanding of your dog and how important it is for you to provide these needs for your dog. Training, food and treats are not the only things that your dog needs. That is why you may have a dog that is misbehaving and is not living a healthy and happy life.

By the end of this course, you will have a clear understanding of your part and roll in your dog’s life and how you can change it all and have the greatest dog in the world.

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What Will I Learn?

  • Understanding your dog better
  • Creating a healthy routine for your dog
  • Making your life with your dog easier

Topics for this course

16 Lessons2h

A Dog’s Five Essential Needs?

What are they and why we need to provide them.
Intro Part 12:48
Intro Part 23:22
Intro Part 33:34
Intro Part 43:12

Need # 1 – Exercise?

We'll learn about the first need of a dog o.

Need # 2 – Training?

What is training and why you need to train your dog.

Need # 3 – Socialization?

How do socialize dogs I will explain in this lesson.

Need # 4 – Care?

Caring for puppies and dogs is different. I explain them all.

Need # 5 – Affection?

How to love your dog and more.

Dog training using affection?

Play and praise reward system

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