Coronavirus And Your Dog

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Coronavirus And Your Dog

Coronavirus And Your Dog and how To Protect And Prevent it from affecting you. I will share some tips to help yourself and your dog to focus on and immunize yourselves towards coronavirus and any other pathogens and overall lifestyle. I will also share the latest information about coronavirus or covid-19 and dogs.

Social Distancing Dog Games To Play At Home All The Time. In this video, I will share some ideas and games that you can use with your dog during Social Distancing at home or at all times. Watch the entire games list here:…

How are you supposed to socialize your puppy or your dog during the Covid-19? Is it safe to socialize your puppy or dog? I will explain what you need to know and how to go about socializing your puppy or dog and I also will share the latest info about dogs and Covid-19.


My name is Saro Boghozian and I am the owner of Jonah’s Ark Doggie Centre in North Vancouver where I run and operate my own dog playcare plus I provide dog training using “play and praise” dog training system. I operate this tail-wagging business alongside my wife, Yoko, and my Beagle, Harvey. I help dog owners build the best and the healthiest relationships with their dogs using a unique method of the dog training system, uncommon in the dog training industry today. There is NO NEED to use food or treats, force, domination, or tools like clickers, shock collars, choke chain collars, or prong collars, which are often used for training dogs. Instead, I use a simple method of “play and praise dog training” with a special emphasis on educating dog owners. I am very excited to share this simple training system that guarantees results with all dog lovers around the world.