I train bad-behaving, aggressive dogs but I specialize in training beagles.

Are you in love with the beagle breed but find it challenging to live with it or train it?

Worry not! I can help you to make your life with your beagle fun again.

Saro Dog Training without the use of treats
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About Saro

I help dog owners build the best and the healthiest relationships with their dogs using a unique method of a dog training system uncommon in the dog training industry today.

My book – is “A Dog’s Five Essential Needs”. I published this book in the spring of 2016 which offers simple solutions for dog owners to help build a better life for their dogs.

Why Choose Saro

Beagle Lover

I love the breed and the attitude.

Beagle Expert

I have been training beagles for over 20 years.


Over 20 years of working with dogs and dog owners.

Work with Saro

Join Saro’s unique and specialized online dog training and coaching program to start training your beagle. 

A Unique Dog Trainer

In 2001, my family welcomed a beagle puppy named Jonah into our home. As cute as he was, we quickly found ourselves overwhelmed by his unruly behavior. Like many dog owners, we turned to treats as a way to control and train him, but Jonah showed no interest in them. We signed up for a puppy training class, but even with the guidance of a professional trainer, Jonah remained a nightmare. After trying different classes and trainers, we found ourselves with a failed training journey and no solution in sight.

Determined to find a better approach, I began researching ways to train dogs that are not food-motivated. Unfortunately, I found no helpful results and had to learn on my own. After much trial and error, I discovered a method that worked for Jonah – play and praise. This approach quickly turned things around for him and I fell in love with the idea of training dogs.

Thus, Saro dog training was born. I began sharing my knowledge and information with other dog owners and slowly built my business. I discovered that many dog owners face the same challenges we did, owning unruly, misbehaving, and aggressive dogs. Treat training seemed to be the common denominator, yet most dogs are not food-motivated like Jonah.

This realization led me to develop a new and unique dog training method that uses play and praise to reward dogs. My approach requires no food or treats, force, domination, or tools like clickers, shock collars, choke chain collars, or prong collars. Instead, I focus on educating dog owners and providing them with a simple, fun, and easy dog training method.

With over 20 years of knowledge and experience working with thousands of dogs, I am not your typical dog trainer. I am a certified, expert family dog trainer, and I received my dog trainer certification from “The College of Canine Behavioural Science”. I invite you to my unique program where you can learn how to have the best and most well-behaved dog with an easy plan with lifetime support and access.

If you love your dog and want to provide the best for it, I am here to help you. Let’s work together to train your dog and build a stronger, happier bond.

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